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The Congost de Montrebei (or Montrebei Gorge) is a breathtaking canyon carved by the Noguera Ribagorçana river, which seperates the region of Catalunya from that of Aragon, and guarded on either side by the Catalunya Wall and the Aragon wall.  Focusing on the Catalunya Wall, we've drawn up a list of routes ordered by grade and the ratio of trad gear protection versus bolted protection on the route. The first grade is the overall technical grade whereas the obligatory grade (v+ oblig) is the resulting grade if you aid or french free the hardest technical sections, which can have its own sense of adventure.


1. Delfos 375m 6a (v+ oblig) *****

2. Desequilibrio Hormonal 240m 6b+ (6a oblig) ***** 

3. Diedro Gris 410m 6a+ (v+oblig) *****

4. Vía del Tronko 350m 6a+/Ae ó 7a (6a oblig) *****

5. Corbeau 450m 6b oblig *****

6. Diedro Audoubert 330m 6b+ (v+ oblig) *****

7. Latin Brothers 510m 6a+/A1 ó 7a (6a oblig) *****

8. Tempesta Nocturna 390m 6b/A1 ó 7b+ (6a+ oblig) *****

These routes are the hallmark of Montrebei's climbing style with few bolts in the pitches, if any, and metre upon metre of adventure to be had.  Pick one and take on the challenge of discovering its secrets.  A selection of some of the best multi-pitch routes in Catalunya.  Why is spring the best season?  To have more hours of daylight to complete these long all day climbs while still enjoying cool temperatures ideal for climbing:  shade in the morning and sun in the afternoon, once we're high enough on the wall to escape it quickly.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have... 


From 250 euros depending on the chosen route and with up to a maximum of two participants.

Prices include:

- Liability insurance

- Accident insurance

- Gear for the rope team

- Although we recommend you use your own personal gear, if necessary we can lend you harness, and helmet.

Not included in the price:

- The guide's expenses (accommodation, food, cable cars...)

- Participants' expenses such as cable cars, accommodation, and food.

For an all inclusive package price please contact us.


Duration: 1 or more days

Ideal season: April to May. Climbing in June is route dependent

Max participants: 1 ó 2 en función de la dificultad del itinerario

Technical difficulty:
Physical form: