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Next Steps:

1. Reservations and booking may be made by email on or via telephone/Whatsapp on +43 660 902 60 32 so that we are able to start making reservations for mountain refuges, cable cars and guides guaranteeing the best organization possible.

2. We will send you a contract/registration form that every participant will need to fill in and sign, you can send it via email or hand it in at the beginning of the activity.

3. The reservation and booking will be finalised when the payment has been completed in its entirety by bank transfer to ES25 0073 0100 55 0545472573, including the name, date and activity hired in the reference box, sending the  payment receipt to the email:

Important things to bear in mind:

We take very seriously the fact that You are putting your safety in our hand and we take this fact very seriously. For this reason, we have compiled a series of recommendations that we urge you to read carefully. Thank you for your time.

1. Please note that participating in physical activities such as mountaineering, ice or rock climbing, alpine or mountain skiing may involve known or unknown risks that could cause damage and/or injuries. It must be understood that owing to the nature of these activities these risks cannot be eliminated and that the hiring of a guide does not imply in any way the removal of such risks. In the mountains ‘zero risk’ does not exist. The guide is a risk advisor that always tries to minimise the possible dangers.

2. You must be aware of and take on the common risks resulting from the activities that, among others, may be: injuries resulting from a fall from climbing, walking and or skiing on unconditioned terrain; falling boulders or rock parts, ice or other falling objects from high zones, the use of ropes and climbing material; natural risks, including lightning, weather changes or avalanches, falls at different levels from the rocks, paths or cracks in the glaciers; the exposure to insect bites or attacks from other animals; risks born from the height or cold, including hyperthermia, frostbite, acute mountain sickness, pulmonary or cerebral edema; your own physical condition and the physiological effort associated with these activities.

3. We recommend you to ask for any sufficient information in advance about the activities that you wish to participate in; service fee, what it includes or does not include, route or trajectory, insurance covers, difficulty, timetable, necessary material, minimum technical knowledge needed, action protocol, etc.

4. Let us know if you suffer from any illness or physical impediment that impedes your ability to carry out any of the activities. If there is a medical concern, illness or injury please inform the guide both before and during the activity.

5. We recommend you to have an adequate physical and physiological state suitable for the activity in which you will partake. Consult with and inform the guide about the necessary physical and technical needs of each activity. We can plan with time a preparation and training.

6. The activities are subject to the conditions of the mountains and of the people that participate and these may completely change due to (weather, avalanches, altitude sickness, exhaustion…). The timetables, itineraries and activities may be modified or suspended if the circumstances were to make this advisable and always with the decision of the guide.

7. It’s key that you follow the instructions of the guide during the contracted activity, who will be able to suspend or change the activity upon his/her judgement whenever the circumstances require it. The guide will take the best decisions for the security of the participants. Help the guide by following the relevant safety regulations that he/she indicates throughout the activity. Any non-compliance could result in the programmed activity being suspended.

8. If you do not meet the required physical and technical conditions, the weather or surface conditions are not favourable for the security of the participants, or any other unrelated reason that hampers the contracted activity, an alternative activity will be arranged adapting to the physical and technical conditions of the participant, to weather conditions and to favourable surface conditions and to the security of the participant.

9. The compromise of the guide starts solely from the beginning of the contracted activity. Your transport and that of the guide, if necessary, at the starting point of the activity and those necessary owing to the nature of the activity are not included in the service (except in cases that are otherwise stated). The responsibility of the guide affects only the work explicitly done during the activity and the organization of the activity.  They are not responsible in any way for external services, such as refuges, ski lifts, meals… that are contracted and paid for directly by the participant, although the bookings are managed by the guide.

10. The prices are per person, and errors and omissions excepted, include the direct services of the guide. These prices, include VAT and are stated for the minimum group of persons. Unless otherwise indicated, all the services and expenses incurred (such as bookings, transport, accommodation, ski lifts and handling costs of the guide and participants) as well as his/her hiring, the participants will be responsible.

11. Fees are subject to change. These changes can be after the publication of these activities in the website (increase of costs, fluctuation of foreign currencies, taxes…) After a contracted activity, if owing to the conditions of the surface or weather the guide assesses that the established price is not in alignment with the effort carried out, it may be revised. It’s only possible to assess an activity after having carried it out. This happens above all in the more technical and specific activities.

13. The common safety equipment (ropes, hard material and other material) is included in all of these activities. We always recommend, however, the use of one’s own material as long as this material is adequate and in optimal condition. There are courses and technically advanced activities in which the client must bring the previously mentioned material due to the characteristics of some activities as well as in skiing activities.

14. We recommend you to comply with the requirements of the necessary personal material recommended by the guide, the security of the activity depends on the use of adequate material for every type of activity and an optimum state of repair.

15. Your individual or personal material is not included in the price of the programmes or activities. In each activity, the personal adequate material that you will be required to bring will be specified with time.

16. For all the activities carried out on Spanish soil, an Accident and Civil Responsibility Insurance will be included. Furthermore, we strongly urge you to take out an individual insurance that covers the contracted activity, especially in international trips, where proof of this insurance will be obligatory prior to commencement of the activity.

17. For activities of great commitment and difficulty, it is recommended to carry out a prior practical test with the guide, with the aim of guaranteeing the security and the success of the following activity. The expenses of this test will be separate from the booked activity.

18. If you are a minor you will need to bring signed authorization from your parents or legal guardians or either come accompanied by them.

20. For all of the programs in the Alps and expeditions you will need to be in possession of the ‘Federativa de Montaña’ card which is valid for the current year (FEDME or Regional Federations). As well as having a sports insurance you can take advantage of great discounts on mountain refuges.