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One of the best things about the south side of the Pyrenees is the quantity of high quality, world famous, climbable rock at our fingertips.  The climate means that we can climb there all year round.  The Mallos de Riglos stand tall and proud against the blue Aragon skies and have been the training ground for some of the legendary Spanish rope teams, such as Rabadá-Navarro.  The Mallos stand out for their characteristic conglomerate rock; pebbles and stones stuck together, seemingly against the laws of gravity, which make the climbing style athletic and always interesting.  The routes are mainly bolted, with short approaches and descents, and a wide range of grades from V to 7a.  An incredible place where climbers and those who live in the village co-exist in peace and harmony.  When we finish climbing there's always a cold beer waiting for us in the village bar with the Mallos waiting in background.  Put it on your list!


From 250 euros depending on the chosen route and with up to a maximum of two participants.

Prices include:

- Liability insurance

- Accident insurance

- Gear for the rope team

- Although we recommend you use your own personal gear, we can lend you harness, and helmet.

Not included in the price:

- The guide's expenses (accommodation, food, cable cars...)

- Participants' expenses such as cable cars, accommodation, and food.

For an all inclusive package price please contact us.


Duration: 1 or 2 days

Ideal season: Winter, spring and autumn

Max participants: 1 ó 2 depende de la dificultad de la vía. Consultar con el guía

Technical difficulty:
Physical form: