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So you want to be a qualified UIAGM mountain guide?  Then it's time to start investing in getting prepared.  In order to be able to enrole in the high mountain TD2 (the starting point in the Spanish guides scheme) you have to pass a skill specific entrance test:

- Ski:  Descent technique both on and off piste.  Ski mountaineering fitness test (1500m height gain on skis).

- Rock climbing:  be able to climb the following; A2 aid, 6b sport and 6a trad in winter boots.

- Ice climbing: 80? -...

Preparation course for the UIAGM International Mountain Guide scheme entrance tests

One of the best things about the south side of the Pyrenees is the quantity of high quality, world famous, climbable rock at our fingertips.  The climate means that we can climb there all year round.  The Mallos de Riglos stand tall and proud against the blue Aragon skies and have been the training ground for some of the legendary Spanish rope teams, such as Rabadá-Navarro.  The Mallos stand out for their characteristic conglomerate rock; pebbles and stones stuck together, seemingly against...

Rock climbing in Riglos